Friday, 1 June 2012

Broken nail manicure

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Please bear with me, I suspect this is going to be a rather long post but if you can't be bothered reading.....just scroll down for some pictures and the jist of the post.
So I have been a chronic nail biter for like ever however now that I am getting older I find that I like my nails to be nice and long and ofcourse, colourful! So for the past month or so I have enjoyed nice long nails and have been painting them different colours every week. But this week I broke a few, well ok a lot, of nails and decided that it looked really nice having every nail nice and long and then the others really short, So I clipped them all and gave them some tlc using my 4-step buffing block from 'The Body Shop' (it's amazing!). Now they are all short and that makes me sad because I don't like wearing bold nail polishes on really short nails :(

So what is this post all about? I'm going to show you five different nail polishes that are suitable for short nails. The selection I have decided to use today is:

Liquid Gold - Australis
705 Gray Suede - Revlon
Brawny Tawny - Maybelline
High Heeled House Wife - Chi Chi
Flutterby - Avon

This is my first real 'nail polish' post and I am afraid that my photographs are pretty horrible. So apologies in advance.
Here are some photographs of my nails before I attempted to rescue them.

Okay so next step was to apply the nailpolish.
Sadly because its late at night, I have never photographed my nails before and all of these colours are 'nude' the photographs are pretty unimpressive.
My favourite colour all time is the Gray Suede by Revlon. It is an awesome beige/nude colour that is brilliant if your nails are short however this is also my favourite because when your nails are long you can quickly apply two coats of this on a Sunday and it will still look great on Friday night (if you use a topcoat). However this is the colour you can see the least well.

Photographs of the nailpolish:
Due to the fact that I am lacking in photography skills I am also going to describe them. The nail polish above is by Australis and is a metallic beige/pewter. 

Maybelline Brawny Tawny - A strong beige with pink highlights and shimmer. Great if you have to wear conservative nail polish to work as it is still a fun colour but doesn't make a statement.
The quality of this nail polish is brilliant and I highly recommend it. You can get away with using only one coat and it lasts for quite a while.

My favourite nail polish!!! Gray suede by Revlon. A must have for everybody (ok I am biased). A neutral beige with a tiny bit of shimmer. Very natural looking. 

Chi Chi - High Heeled House Wife. A stronger version of the 'nude'. 

Avon - Flutterby. A beautiful pale pink that has purple highlights and is shimmery. 


For the image above: the middle finger is the chi chi nail polish (the darkest) , the finger to the left is the Revlon but it is actually a bit darker (bad lighting) and to the right is the Maybelline. 

So from this post I have learnt:
1) I need to improve my blogging and photography skills.
2) I can't wait for my nails to grow. Hurry up already!!!!
3) Both the Maybelline Brawny Tawny and the Revlon Gray Suede are great for short nails. 

Have a good weekend :) 

Me again! I have taken some more photos. Thought I would share them :)
From the left (excluding my pinkie): Revlon Gray Suede/ Chi Chi High Heeled House Wife/ Maybelline Brawny Tawny.

I included this photograph because it accurately represents the colour of the Maybelline nail polish which I have found very difficult to photograph.

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