Sunday, 1 July 2012

Essence - In style review

Hi guys. Today I am going to review 'In Style' By Essence. A lovely deep teal/green coloured duochrome polish that retails for $2.50 from Target. I was thrilled with the colour. It is a really sophisticated teal duochrome finish that looks great no matter what lighting conditions you are in. However, this was my first essence swatch and I found application to be rather tedious. My first attempt have my a coat that was way to thick and I ended up having to remove it and start again! Second application which consisted of 2-3 thin coats was better however it was not as easy as I would have liked. Also, after only one day of wearing it not only did I have tip wear but actual chunks of the polish had chipped of. Mind you, this was without a topcoat, but still!!!!
Final verdict? An awesome shade however application and durability was disappointing. Score: 6.5/10 overall however the shade itself gets a 10/10. It is absolutely one of my favourites! :)


  1. I wear my essence with a top coat, as at first it does chip without the top coat. Essence by far is my fave brand for long lasting wear. I guess we all have different preferences. Thanks for seeing my blog.

    1. Thanks for commenting!!! Really appreciate it :)
      I love essence polish too, the colours are absolutely amazing. I will definitely try top coat. Thanks for the tip!


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