Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Where is Day 5 of the challenge?

Hi to all of my lovely readers. 
Just wanted to post a quick message to say that I am still doing the challenges :) Just a bit slow on the loading  of the photos onto my computer because I usually do my nails late at night and have to wait until the next day to take photos :( I am hoping to get all the posts done later this afternoon, in between work and study. 

On the weekend I managed to get quite a nice haul of new polishes. Here are some photos because I hate posts without pretty pictures :)

Have a great day! 


  1. Oooooh, I'm jealous of those Essies. :)

    I'm the same way... I do my nails at night. What I've been doing is doing the day's nails before the day of the post. So, tonight I'm doing metallic nails so I can photograph them tomorrow morning. :)

  2. Good idea :) I really should be doing that but I keep really liking the nails I'm doing and hate pulling them off :( hahaha I know, lame!

    I have my fingers crossed that all of the nailpolishes I brought from the outlet store (Revlon & China Glaze) are authentic. They were only $5 when normally they are $15.95, I have heard that some people buy empty bottles and just put really bad polish into them filled with nasty chemicals. Keep laughing, I know I sound crazy but it WAS on tv the other night.

    BTW Essie polishes are sold at Myer.

  3. Hi you got those revlons from Cosmetic fragrance Direct, i miss them I know their pricing labels lol I use to go there a bit, can't wait til I am in sydney and see their latest stuff.

  4. Yeah I think that was the name of it :) I'm in Victoria though not Sydney.
    Do you think their polishes are authentic? I can't believe how cheap they are AND the best bit is that they have essie and china glaze. Great for me because I don't shop online :/


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