Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Winter Challenge Day 1 - Purple Nails

For day one of the winter challenge I have used one of my favourite polishes, Kit's "Start Up" a super glossy creme in a dusty deep purple. The purple kind of reminds of grapes or eggplant. I'm not sure really how to describe this lovely colour.....

Kit Cosmetics are made in Australia and I'm not sure about the nail polish but for their make-up and skin care ranges they do not test on animals. If you live in Victoria you can find Kit products at most Myers and they also have their own stand-along stores which are beautiful. If you are not in Australia you can buy online 

This polish was super easy to apply and after one coat it was totally wearable, I opted for two coats because I am planning on wearing this for a few days and I always seem to miss bits so need that second coat to hide my mistakes! 

Score: 10/10

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