Friday, 13 July 2012

The winter challenge Day 3 - Blue Nails

Despite this being 'the winter challenge' I just had to go with blue marlin by Ulta3 for this post. Yes I do have some other blue polishes, some more suitable for winter than others, but for $2 the quality and colour of this polish is outstanding. I was kind of sneaky today because I didn't want to take my purple nails off so I just painted a single nail blue and to be honest if I had done every nail blue I would have gone for Revlon's Midnight Affair which is gorgeous navy blue. But I didn't.

 Blue Marlin is a vivid blue creme that is quite glossy and requires a minimum of two coats because the first coat is always streaky. But to me that is no biggie because they do not make any claims that it is a one coater,  on the bottle it does say 2-3 coats. It's good when companies are honest :) In terms of drying time Blue Marlin is really good and despite the fact that my coats were quite thick I had no issues. Phew! My only regret with today is I didn't do every nail blue marlin because that would have made for some lovely photographs. 

Score: 10/10

Anyway here are the photographs of blue marlin. Probably the only bit you are interested in anyway, hahaha
If you want more info on ulta3 polishes and blue marlin there is a post somewhere below, where I put silver glitter over blue marlin. It was one of my first posts ever so it's not brilliant....

Have an awesome Friday :)


  1. Here you are!

  2. Oh, and can you go ahead an add your link to the bottom of the post by clicking the little button that says "Add Your Link"? I think it would be fun to keep track of the people doing the challenge! <3

  3. I will have to get onto this winter challenge, bit slow in the uptake sorry starting tommorrow with DAY 1 PURPLE NAILS.

  4. No need to be sorry! I know it is difficult to get everything done when you want to get them done...
    Looking forward to seeing your nails.


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