Saturday, 27 October 2012

Essie - Your Hut or Mine

Essie - Your Hut or Mine: This polish from the "essie resort collection 2011" is an oldie but I only welcomed into my collection a few months ago. But I haven't reviewed it yet because it is more a spring colour and we have been stuck in winter for ever and ever. It's suppose to be spring now so I have been wearing slightly brighter colours....but still today is overcast and and freezing. Also,  I am NOT a pink girl. As a teenager I had a strong hatred of pink but now as I have entered my 20's I am finding myself attracted to pinks and floral patterns as long as it's not over-the-top pink. This pink is a lovely deep pink which in some lights makes me think 'watermelon' (????) 
This polish is a lovely pink with a little shimmer to it. Formula is quite thin but is easily opaque in two-coats. Application-wise it requires a little care but nothing annoying! Drying time is good too. I wore this polish with a Sally Hansen base coat and top coat and noticed that after a day I had some tip-wear (which you can probably see in the photographs, sorry) but no major chips. 

Overall I really love this colour as it is a pretty pink that is very versatile! Not too bright, but  not boring either :)

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