Thursday, 13 December 2012

Aussie Christmas Nail Challenge:Elf

Today as part of the Aussie Christmas Nail Challenge I have an elf inspired manicure to show you.

I googled "elf" for inspiration but didn't really get any amazing inspiration. Wasn't sure how to translate green leggings into a manicure, hahaha, so since they all seem to wear Christmas hats I decided to nail-art a santa hat onto my middle finger. I decided for an accent nail rather than 10 santa hats across all of my fingers because I don't think it would look that great. Less is more, what do you think?

I used Essence's walk on the wild side and Revlon's All Fired Up for this manicure as well as a white nail art pen. You can't really see it in these photos but I think 'walk on the wild side' is an awesome green Christmas polish, shimmer shimmer shimmer!

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  1. Beautiful green! I love this mani, I'm glad to see your nails are in perfect shape again!

    1. Thanks Natalia! Yeah my nails are slowly getting better :) I didn't wear polish for over 2 weeks and found that really helped.


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