Saturday, 8 December 2012

Essence Snow White Collection - Doc

The Essence Snow White Trend Edition collection was released this week (yay!!!) so I got myself to the shops last night and was pretty devastated to find the stand already trashed and only a few polishes were left. I was lucky enough to get Happy, Doc and Sleepy.

I haven’t been able to swatch and review them all yet….but don’t fret, they’re coming.
Doc is a stunning orange creme, Happy is a lovely yellow crème and Sleepy is a pale blue. I’m yet to swatch Sleepy but in the bottle there is a very subtle colour-shift so we’ll have to see how that goes.

The first polish I swatched was ‘Doc’ which is a really stunning orange with a shiny creme finish. The formula was thicker than other essence trend edition polishes (which I think is a good thing) such as the season of extremes polishes. The formula was pretty good, drying time was good and I loved the brush. Sometimes with small brushes they are impossible to manoeuvre but this brush was great to work with. I even managed some free hand nail art with it! I was palnning to do some nail art over this colour so I only used one coat but I am undecided if this is a one-coater or two-coater. Next time I will probably do two coats so it is perfect but if you are careful you could get away with only one coat, for sure!

Sorry I haven't been posting much, my internet keeps disconnecting :( Hopefully I can get back on schedule soon!!!!

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