Monday, 28 January 2013

31 day challenge - favourite colour

I have a couple of different favourite colours for different things. I love black, teal, coral and red clothing. For make-up and lipsticks I'm into nudes and brownish tones and my bedroom is fitted out with latte walls with black furniture and red accessories. On the other hands, I find yellow cars very "sexy" but then when it comes to nail polish I don't really like wearing black nail polish and nude polish is only worn when I'm either lazy, have an important meeting or have super short gross nails! So anyway, this summer I have been loving corals so I decided to do coral nails for today. I chose a neon coral because I was feeling quite cheerful but in winter I go for the more subdued corals out there (Sally Hansen's 'So Much Fawn' is lovely).

This colour 'pops' a lot more in 'real-life'. These photos really don't do this polish justice :(

Can you believe the challenge is nearly over? I can't and whats more.... I am still participating. Last time I attempted this challenge I bombed out quickly because my nails were not healthy enough and I didn't have enough polish! I think I might have missed four or five days of this challenge but hopefully I will be able to get those challenges up before the end of the month.....fingers crossed!

Please check out what the other guys have done for today's challenge and take care :)


  1. I also love this kind of color or darker because I find it elegant and classy. I also feel sexy when wearing this kind of color =)

    1. It is classy I agree :) Great for the summer!


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