Sunday, 20 January 2013

31 day challenge - favourite polish

Today for the 31 day challenge I had the very difficult task of deciding what my favourite polish is. If you don't know already, I am a very indecisive person so picking favourites is something dread! I couldn't pick one favourite polish but instead separated my polish into colours and "special effect" made it slightly easier for me to decide that from my "special effect" polishes I love MaxFactor's 'Fantasy Fire'.

'Fantasty Fire' caused quite a buzz when it was first released but for some reason I haven't worn it much. BUT when I wear it I find it captivating. 

 Alone 'Fantasy Fire' it sheer so I usually layer it over another polish. Previously I have layered it over 'Purple Haze' a purple creme by MaxFactor but for today's challenge I decided to layer it over 'Orchid' a darker purple metallic polish by Ulta3. It gave 'Orchid' a beautiful depth and shimmered like crazy. But I just couldn't capture the flashes of colour or the 'depth' today. And to be honest I don't think I will layer it over 'Orchid' again, but still it is an amazing polish and when you witness the colour flashes you can't help but be amazed. Over 'Orchid' you get mostly a bronze-y purple shimmer and inside you get green and the bronze-y red shimmer.

If you want this polish (of course you do!) I saw it at Priceline recently for $5.95. It is a small bottle and a TINY brush but well worth it. 

I have decided to include a photo of 'Fantasy Fire' layered over 'Purple Haze' too because I think you can see it more clearly?

Layered over 'purple haze'
 GAH why do the most amazing polishes ALWAYS have to be the most difficult to capture on camera? Actually....that reminds me! I have investigating buying a new camera - mostly because of this blog. I have just been using my camera phone because my that is just what is closest to me. Do you think my photos need improvement? Please do let me know! Also, I have heard that colourful camera (e.g. purple, pink, red camera) reflect onto your nails and mess up the colour of the photos. Is this really true? 

Cheers and please check out the other participant's favourite polishes!

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  1. Fantasy fire is so stunning! its also one of my favourites.x


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