Thursday, 24 January 2013

Essence: stay with me long lasting lip gloss - review

Today I have a review for you of Essence's "stay with me long lasting lip gloss" in the shade "deep rose". This gloss retails for $3.95 and is available in six different colours. They are available at Priceline and Target and are part of the permanent essence collection - yay!!! I think of this gloss as the true definition of a lipgloss and think it is brilliant.

This gloss feels quite thick and a little creamy on the lips and continues to do so for the majority of the time. It is a pleasant feeling and I wouldn't call this glossy sticky at all (definitely a plus for all of us 'sticky gloss' haters!)

When I was testing this gloss out for the purposes of this review, I found that it generally lasted for a little over an hour which I thought was pretty good. After that hour it had definitely lost most of the pigment but you can still subtly feel it on your lips.  When I was wearing this gloss I found that I generally re-applied every hour or so and it gave my lips a really lovely warm pink colour. I love how this looks on my lips :)

The only thing about this gloss that I don't like is the 'taste' of it - yes I know you're not suppose to eat lipgloss but if you apply too much you end up tasting it! To avoid this I only apply the gloss onto my bottom lip and then after pressing my lips together I've got a good distribution of gloss on both of my lips. I should probably also mention that the wand of this lipgloss is a nice small hourglass shaped wand that is easy to use.

Overall I would describe this as the true definition of a gloss - it gives your lips a very pretty and natural looking glossy look without looking "wet". Wear time is decent for a gloss and whilst it doesn't moisturise your lips it doesn't dry your lips which is definitely impressive. I find a lot of glosses dry my lips out, but not this one! Oh, and did I mention it is only $3.95, how good is that?

Overall score: 7.5/10

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