Saturday, 26 January 2013

Happy Australia Day! 31 day challenge day 26

G'day mate......Happy Australia Day!!!! I hope everybody has a wonderful day and enjoys the long weekend, whatever you are doing. Two of my best friends are coming over for bubbles and some nibbles before we head into the city for some dinner. Fingers crossed we get a table and its not too chaotic :)

For the 26th day of the 31 day challenge which coincidently (I assume) falls on Australia Day the prompt is very fitting as it is  'Inspired by your country'. I have super-short nails at the moment :( so I feel quite limited in terms of nail art. Plus, I'm ashamed to feature these short nails on the blog, they are so yuck!
I know I have a missed a couple of days for this challenge but I will definitely go back and complete them before the end of the challenge.

I went for a burnt orange polish with gold speckles in by Essence called 'Gorgeous Bling Bling'. I'm thinking this could represent the outback. I've never been to the outback although I would love to go. I have however been to the 'bush' and, especially when we were in drought, it was very dry. I also did a gold accent nail using Essence's 'A Piece of Forever' because according to our national anthem we have "golden soil". I guess our colours our green and gold and a green and gold skittle would have looked cool but with short yucky nails I'm just not brave enough. I did however stamp a kangaroo onto my accent nail using 'Gorgeous Bling Bling' and consequently discovered that that polish is definitely not good for stamping. But oh well, you can't win them all!

So if you're not a fan of Australia I guess you should stop reading now (bye) but I thought I would write a little about Australia :) First up, our anthem. We use to sing this every Monday morning at assembly in Primary School, while raising the Aussie flag up the flagpole.

Here is a video of  'Advance Australia Fair' the name of our anthem:

I also though that for the long weekend I would showcase some more of Australia, do some more Aussie nails and maybe some more videos from youtube. I have to laugh, when I was searching for videos, I found a video, '10 reasons not to come to Australia' :) 

Happy Australia Day and be safe!


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