Saturday, 30 March 2013

CoverGirl nail polishes have landed in Australia!!!

Hi Guys!!! Happy Easter, I  hope you are all enjoying the Easter break whatever you are doing. I quickly popped out to my local shops today to get some Easter eggs for my family today but couldn't go into Target without checking out the make-up department. I wasn't expecting / wanting to buy anything.....but I came out with two polishes. CoverGirl have released their nail polishes here in Australia so I decided to grab some and give you a review of my first impressions.

So before you rush off to Target here are some things you need to know:

CoverGirl in the U.S have a total of 45 shades of polish however I don't think we have them all here in Australia. Also, these were not on the CoverGirl stand with the rest of their products, there was a large cardboard bin with an assortment of different polishes and on the counter there was a smaller cardboard kind of display unit thing with, again, a random assortment of colours.

The colours I saw (and can remember) include: a metallic bronze-y colour, a lilac creme, an orange creme, a vampy red/plum, a black creme, a red creme, a blue/green glitter mix (called Midnight Magic)......this isn't a complete list of the shades but the just the ones I can remember.

I think the range of colours in the range is quite good, not unique by any means however there were a couple of polishes that grabbed my eye. Example, as soon as I saw "Midnight Magic" I had to have it even though it's a glitter and I'm not a glitter-lover!

Packaging is quite nice, especially for the price, as the glass bottle is a cute square bottle with a black lid. The brush, although not one of those "wide" ones was easy to use and a good size. The packaging of these polishes are really nice and feel like good quality which is definitely a great thing to see from Covergirl and for the price. I think their retail price is around $6.95 but they are on sale at the moment for $5.21 which is pretty good I think!!!!! :)

I grabbed two polishes from this range, "Midnight Magic" which caught my eye immediately and a bold orange creme called "Go-Go Mango".

I am currently wearing go-go mango on my nails. Application was brilliant, brush was easy to use and the finish was fantastic - very creamy, smooth and shiny! It was near a one-coater however I did two. Not sure if my coats were too thick but I found drying time to be pretty average on these. I smudged two nails and had to each for my quick drying topcoat which was disappointing because this polish is promoted as having a built-in top coat.....Hopefully next time I wear this polish drying time is better, maybe I'll do thinner coats or something? Because apart from the drying time issue (which hopefully I can sort out) these polishes are pretty much perfect. 

Thanks for reading and take care :)

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