Sunday, 24 March 2013

Nivea Pure & Natural Hand Cream Review

Today I will be reviewing Nivea's Pure & Natural Hand Cream. I have been using it on-and-off for a couple of weeks now. I keep it next to my computer and often throw it on while working on the computer. It sinks in quickly so you are not out of action for long.

First up, let's consider what the product claims to do (taken from the packaging):

  • Intensively protects and nourishes dry hands. 
  • Contains Bio Argan Oil. 
  • Makes the skin smooth all day. 
  • 95% organic. 
  • No parabens, colorants, sillicones or mineral oils

My impressions: 

The product I have is a 75ml plastic tube with a good flip-top lid. The packaging is pretty basic but I like it. I especially like the flip-top lid as I hate lids that deattach from the product. I can't fault the packaging in any way.

The cost is also something that I really like about this product, retailing for approximately $4.39 but often found on sale and in a number of easily-accessible locations including Priceline, Target and Woolworths. This is a product that is great value.

It is a lightweight hand cream that spreads easily and absorbs into your skin quickly so that you can use you hands practically straight after application. It leaves your hands feeling silky smooth and has a relatively subtle scent. It has a lasting effects on my hands and even after washing my hands I feel that my hands are still moisturised.

To be honest, the only thing I don't love about this product is the scent - whilst being pretty subtle and not smelling of anything in particular, its not a scent I love. But having said that I would still repurchase this product without a doubt.

So now lets quick recap those claims and see if it lives up to them:

  • Intensively protects and nourishes dry hands - yes confirmed. 
  • Makes the skin smooth all day - It definitely lasts awhile and doesn't wash away. I will say this claim is confirmed however please note I actually haven't applied the handcream in the morning and then in the evening considered if my hands are still smooth. 
This is a cheap product that lives up to it's claims and works wonderfully. Sinks in quickly and leaves your hands feeling very smooth without any weird residue and the moisture remains even after washing your hands. A hand cream definitely worth checking out - ideal for keeping on your desk or in your handbag. Would I repurchase this hand cream? Yes I would. Despite not loving the scent it does not contain parabens, colorants, sillicones or mineral oils and that makes up for it in my book! 

Thanks for reading and take care :)

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    1. Great review!
      I use this cream also! (well I have many different hand creams in use in different places, my desk, the kitchen, my pure) I keep this one in the kitchen because is one that sinks in quite fast and I don't go leaving my finger prints everywhere!


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