Thursday, 4 April 2013

Battle Nail Challenge: Glitter vs. Bar Glitter

Hi guys!!! Today I have a "glitter" manicure to show you.....well I thought I did!!! The polish in question is CoverGirl's 'Midnight Magic'. In the bottle and one coat of this polish makes you believe it looks like a dense glitter but three coats later and it turns out that this polish is more of a metallic foil  - well at least I think that would be the correct term for it. If you think it is something different please do let me know!!!!

So anyway, for this manicure I did an accent nail using CoverGirl's Midnight Magic and the rest of my fingers are Essence's 'Date In The Moonlight'.

I am pretty hopeless at describing colours but 'Date In The Moonlight' is a navy polish with blue shimmer lurking beneath the surface. 'Midnight Magic' is either a super dense glitter or a metallic foil that contains, at the bare minimum, green, blue and silver tones and most likely more!!!

Overall I think that glitter usually wins for me as I haven't found a bar glitter I love yet.

Cheers and thanks for reading :)

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