Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Project No Buy Week 4 Reflection / Week 5 Goals

Hi guys! I'm just going to quickly review how I went with my goals for last week and set some new goals for the coming week. Goodness knows I need them, I've been pretty lazy lately :( !!!! These posts are probably kind of boring for you to read but they keep me accountable so I hope you don't mind them too much..... 

Lets see how I went with my goals last week:

 1. Write two product reviews and catch-up on my e-mails. 
How did I go? Haven't caught up on my e-mails, GAH!!! But I have started..... and the reviews? Failed! I barely posted last week at all because of all the study I had to do for a presentation. Have I mentioned how much I hate class presentations? 

 2. Go for minimum of three walks and eat healthy snacks. 

How did I go? I did start walking again this week so I can put a tick next to this goal. I also did try and eat more healthy and did quite well until Easter...... I found some really yummy muesli bars so I have eating those instead of biscuits and chips!

 3. Complete two manicures for the battle challenge. 

How did I go? Failed! :(

 4. Do lots of study! aim to complete at least two topics worth of summary notes. 

How did I go? Failed :( But as soon as I type this post I am going to hit the books hard. Pinky swear! 

So my current credit is now: $-44.50. I'm just going to go hang my head in shame now......

Week 5 Goals!!!!

1.  Complete summary notes for topics 1 & 2 and at least started topic 3 for all of my classes.
2. Begin my literature review.......oh joy :/ 
3. Don't neglect this blog like I did last week :s Aim to post at least two nail posts. 
4. Review my Burt's Bees Cuticle Cream. 
5. Catch-up on my e-mails and keep up to date with the Girly Girl Challenge. 

Wish me luck and have a fantastic day! 


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