Thursday, 30 May 2013

Project No Buy Week Two Reflection Week Three Goals

Hi guys, sorry this post is a bit late. I should of written this on Sunday but now it's thursday...
I'm going to try and keep it nice and short.

My goals for week two were:
1. Go on four power-walks: failed
2. Take water bottles to university to save money: successful
3. Complete three weeks of neuroscience notes: failed
4. Photograph two nail swatches: successful
5. Write one product review: failed

I also got some marks back so for week two, in total, I earned $36.00. My previous balance for credit was $51.00 so the total balance was $87.00. However I did buy two Revlon nail polishes from Priceline (BOGO) so my balance is currently at $71.00.

My goals for week three (27th May to 2nd June):
1. Complete three weeks of neuroscience notes.
2. Go on three power-walks.
3. Get ahead on my post blogs for the next couple of weeks.



  1. thanks for dropping by.
    keep up with the goals.
    I like the language translate thing on your blog. how do you add it?


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