Thursday, 2 May 2013

Update - twitter and facebook

Hi guys, sorry I have been MIA lately. I had four assignments due in April and I had one due today so thats five assignments in 32 days. Oh and did I mention it was my birthday last weekend? And no kidding, I am not exagerating, I have sat my desk from 8:30am to 12:20pm every day for the past four days....Hence my absence. But enough excuses.......I'm back! So even though I have been crazy lately I have had a couple of different manciures....naughty I know but I find relaxing to paint my nails and you can still read your notes with wet nails!). I also my birthday haul to share with you and the Sally Hansen Lustre Shine series has been released here so they will be coming home with me soon and there might be a review of the essence hand creams popping up here soon. AND it is the beginning of May and I haven't done an April favourites. Also, I need to get back onto the "project no buy" bandwagon.

Now, my procrastination was quite fruitful actually. I started a Facebook page for my blog and also created a twitter account.

So if you twitter I would absolutely love it if you followed me on twitter @BeautifulLivin_ and please let me know if you have a twitter account and I'l follow you!

Also, I'm still sorting my facebook page but I would love it if you come and 'like' me :) I think the link for my facebook page is:

And finally, because I hate posts without photos here is a token collage I made on

Thanks for reading and TGIF tomorrow!!!! :D

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