Friday, 28 June 2013

Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm Review

Today I'm writing up a review post on one of my all-time favourite lip balms, the essential care balm by Nivea. I'm purchased this a couple of times and think it is great for keeping dry, chapped lips away during the winter months.

I think it is really important to review a product based on it's claims because a product can be really awesome but not live up to any of it's claims, as per it's packaging. So without further ado, Nivea claims that this balm will give you "long lasting and intensive everyday care" and "protects your lips from drying out in all weather conditions" as well as leaving "your lips soft and smooth." So those are some pretty big claims. Does the product live up to them? Lets see.......

Long Lasting and intensive everyday care - This balm is absolutely long lasting, I find that it stays on my lips for at least two hours before I notice the balmy feeling beginning to fade which I think is fantastic. As for intensive everyday care, the balm get another tick because it really does help keep away chapped and dry lips. I often apply this underneath my stains and longlasting or matte lipsticks that can be a bit drying. It does take away some of the lasting power of the lipstick but I prefer that over flaky lips!

Protects your lips from drying out in all weather conditions - It's currently winter here and I definitely feel that when I apply this before going out into the cold that my lips are protected from the cold and wind. Unfortunately, it's not summer here :( so I can't vouch for the "all weather conditions" part but I can't see why this balm wouldn't be just as superb in the summer months.

Leaves your lips soft and smooth - I feel like this is a ridiculously positive review, but again this product gets another tick. In other words, this balm does not leave your lips feeling dried out and it definitely adds moisture to dry lips.

Okay so it's pretty clear that the balm lives up to it's claims and probably also that I am in love with this product :) However, I do feel the need to point out a couple of minor drawbacks to the product.

1. The packaging whilst sturdy (the photographs show the tube after it has been thrashing around in my handbag for a couple of months) attracts random pieces of fluff which can end up on the balm. Kinda gross.

2. The product isn't advertised as being natural or organic...etc and I am trying to stay away from products with any nasty chemicals in such as parabens...etc so I don't know what this product does actually contain but I wish it was stated explicitly. Looking at the ingredients list it doesn't seem to contain any parabens which is good :)

Overall a great lip balm for the winter months and definitely a product you should buy next time you see it. It retails for $4.49 and can be found in many shops, including but not limited to Priceline, Target, Big W.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great weekend :)


  1. Love these balm too! One of my favourites easily :)


    1. Thanks for commenting! Hope you are having a great weekend :)

  2. I currently use vaseline lip therapy in cherry. I've used this one already but my lips didn't feel like it. :(

    1. I actually haven't used any vaseline lip products, thanks for commenting!


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