Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Project No Buy Week Four Reflection / Week Five Goals

Hi guys, another project no buy update. Somehow this never got written on Sunday so today it shall be! :) 
I've had a busy week because I have my exams next week so I'm going a bit nutty.... 

My goals for this week were:

1. Complete four weeks of neuroscience notes: completed, phew!!! I've typed so many summary notes up I think my fingers are going to fall off!!!

2. Go on three power-walks: failed, only went on two. By the time I walk to uni, walk home and walk to work...etc I don' really feel like power-walking. Once my exams are over I'm going to try and do more exercise, also thinking about going to yoga. 

3. Reply to all of my e-mails: yay I did this goal too! 

4. Get ahead on blog posts and schedule them for the upcoming exam period: yep, tick!

5. Review a product: nope, didn't do this goal...bad me!

6. Photograph a nail swatch and some nail-art: totally failed on this because I had no time to do nail art and my nails were basically naked for the entire week, shock horror! I can't remember the last time I didn't paint my nails for an entire week. Although on the weekend I did buy an awesome polish and put it on as soon as I got home. Star dust from ModelsPrefer might be my all-time favorite polish...love it!!!! Review coming your way soon :)

So that means that I have accumulated $13 bringing my "credit" to $91 but I brought the models prefer star dust polish for $5 and an  INNOXA lipgloss for $11.99 making my total "credit" balance to $74. 

My goals for this week {week 5} are:

  • All notes and lectures written and watched by Wednesday. 
  • Go on two power walks. 
  • Write a product review. 
  • Eat healthy snacks. 
Thanks for reading and have a great week :)


  1. Okay you set some good goals this week! I look forward to that review for that beautiful polish!! Me and black and white glitters have a thing going on right now. I am obsessed!

    1. I understand you obsession!!! I'm obsessed too, I'm going to wear it over a whole heap of colours <3

  2. I really like that nail polish!!

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog, please pop over and check it out!!

    Jac x0x



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