Sunday, 9 June 2013

TAG: Seven Deadly Sins

Hi guys, I have a tag for you today! You know how much I love tags... :-)
I found this on Jaye's blog Bed In The Kitchen (click here to visit her) and decided to do it myself.

Greed - What is your most expensive beauty item? 

I was going to say my Revlon Colorstay whipped foundation but I got that during one of My Chemist Warehouse's 50% off sales so I will go with my Benefit perfume called "So Hooked on Carmella".

Sloth - Which product do you neglect the most due to laziness?

On a daily basis I rarely apply eye make-up, both mascara and eyeshadow. Why, you ask? First of all my eyelashes are freaky and like to fall out and curl downwards, not upwards, which makes me scared to wear mascara incase a mascara coated eyelash falls into my eye. Weird? And then I'm just not that good at applying eyeshadow and I am always rushing out the door. I should probably try and wear eye make-up more though...especially if I want to justify my growing collection!

Wrath - Which item do you have a love/hate relationship with?

Eyeshadow, I love it but I can't apply it very well so usually end up only wearing a single colour.....but then that doesn't look amazing so I'm kinda stuck. I really want to improve my eye make-up skills!

Gluttony - What brand makes up most of your make-up collection?

This was a tricky one because it varies between products... I guess I have to say Rimmel London because last week I brought their illuminator, blush and bronzer (and I already had their matte setting powder) however I haven't opened the blush, illuminator or bronzer yet! Their products are really reasonably priced and with the 50% off sale at My Chemist Warehouse they were super cheap.I also have a lot of their polishes. In fact, some of my all-time fave polishes come from their 'metal rush' collection <3

Pride - Which product gives you the most confidence?

I absolutely love my Revlon colorstay whipped foundation because it has great coverage and suits my skin tone really well so it doesn't look like I'm wearing a lot of make-up. It is also very easy to apply :) Definitely a confidence booster!

Lust - Which item is at the top of your beauty wish list? 

Item? More like items!!! I really want to try out L'oreal's Nude Magique Anti-rednes CC Cream but first will force myself to finish one of my BB  creams or moisturizers up. I have too many products open at the moment. I'm also eagerly awaiting the release of the colour whispers in Australia.

Envy - Which make up product/look is great on others but not yourself?

A bold lip. I just simply don't have the confidence to wear anything other than a nude or pale pink lip.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you are having a great weekend! Or if you are like me and have exams around the corner, good luck with your revision!


  1. I want to do this tag!!!

    1. You should!!! I'll look forward to reading it on your blog! :)

  2. Really loved reading your answers to this tag :)
    I did it a long time ago :)
    Rimmel is a really lovely brand and I think Maybelline, Rimmel and Lumene are the brands that take up most room in my makeup collection :) Oh and Wet n Wild and Avon :)


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