Sunday, 7 July 2013

Meet an old favourite - Brandy Wine by Ulta3

Hi guys,
hope you are all well and have enjoyed your weekend. I had a massive backlog of photographs to sort through for the blog so I did that this weekend and I went to the homemaker center and found myself a lovely lamp for a bedside table. I'm very happy because my old one constantly fell over which was infuriating.

Anyway today I decided to paint my nails red because I haven't worn red polish for awhile. My eyes leapt immediately to 'brandy wine' by Ulta3 which is an absolutely stunning red polish and definitely my favourite red polish.

'Brandy Wine' is an absolutely stunning red polish with a strong red shimmer effect that gives the polish a nearly  metallic and super shiny effect. Words can't describe how wonderful this polish is and apparently neither can photographs because my camera refused to show the shimmer :(

I only used one coat for these photographs and honestly didn't feel the need for a second coat (which I normally do with other polishes) and drying time is great. The formula is great and there is not really anything bad I can say about it! For $2 I highly recommend this polish and it is definitely a polish that is better than other, more expensive polishes.

So there you have it, a shimmery red polish that only requires one coat and dries quickly. What more could you want? Thanks for reading :) Cheers

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