Friday, 16 August 2013

Weekend Wishlist

Hi guys, it's Friday, yay!!! :)
I just created a polyvore account and so have been messing around with it. It's quite fun. My brain associates the weekend with shopping, which is really not so good for my bank account.. but oh well, I might as well show you guys what my brain has been procrastinating about!

Weekend Wishlist

Priceline has 50% off all Maybelline products (how amazing is that???) so I think I might get another eye shadow quad. My all-time fave eyeshadow quad is their "copper chic" one so I might as well get another one, might try one of those square ones?

Since the shops are getting their spring stock I am also looking forward to buying some more fun clothes. I'm kinda over jumpers, hoodies and jeans.

Would love to know what you think of some of these products, have you had good/bad experiences?
And what would you like to buy?
Have a great weekend, cheers


  1. Love me some Maybelline! My most used quad is Designer Chocs. I used it everyday when I was on a 6 week placement. Lovely colours, you can use them sheer or a bit smokier. Definitely very natural! The eye studio range is sooo shimmery!! Love it for a smokey look. I don't really the Color Rama polishes, I find that they get gluggy (??) too quickly but nice to use for designs =) Hope that helps! Going to Priceline now to check out the sale! xxx

    1. They were all sold out of the maybelline quads :( Hope you got some good goodies from the sale!!!


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