Saturday, 21 September 2013

Weekend Wishlist

At the end of every week there is a list of stuff in my mind that I want to go buy!!! It's the nasty byproduct of online window shopping when I should be focusing on assignments...but who wants to do assignments?
As you can see there is quite a random collection of stuff I've got my eyes on.
Weekend Wishlist

  • If I didn't have uni, assignments, exams and work I would be sitting in a dark room playing the newly released Grand Theft Auto 5.
  •  I have been re-organising my make-up drawer thanks to some nifty contains I found at Daiso (is anybody else in love with Daiso?). I currently use one $3.99 IKEA glass vase to store my tubes in but need another. Maybe I should take that as a sign to stop buying so many foundations? Hahaha 
  •  And well the Dove gradual tan is because I'm hoping some nice spring weather will come soon and I can't wear skirts or dresses at the moments because I would blind people with my extremely white legs!!!

 Cheers and thanks for reading :)

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