Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Revlon Copper Penny

Hi guys, today I have a swatch of Revlon's Copper Penny for you. This is an absolutely stunning polish and I can definitely see myself reaching for it repeatedly. Perfect for any situation, mood and season! I am in L.O.V.E. I really wanted to write an in-depth review on this polish because it is superb but life got in the way and now I can't remember all the precise details. GAH!!! I should have written down some notes :/

What I do remember is this:
  • Amazing formula, applies effortlessly in one coat, yep, one coat! 
  • No streaks. 
  • Amazing metallic finish, very reflective. 
  • Lasted well, didn't chip and tip-wear only appeared after a couple of days (and I'm rough on my hands).

There was not a single thing about this polish that I didn't love. It's such a beautiful colour and in real-life appears a lot more metallic than it does in the pictures. Guess my camera couldn't handle it's awesomeness! I love metallic polishes and especially bronze's, coppers...etc. They are so easy to wear and look great in any situation. And obviously, the fact that this polish is super-duper easy to apply, in one coat, and dries quickly. 

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