Monday, 9 December 2013

Ulta3 Triple Threat Swatch & Review

Do you ever feel like glitter nail polish always looks better in the bottle than on the nail? Well, Triple Threat by Ulta3 is positively, absolutely, an exception...yep it does look pretty freaking awesome in the bottle but it is drop dead gorgeous on the nail.

Triple Threat is a black polish with a ton of holographic, blue, red, silver and red glitters. Despite the formula being quite thin and runny the density of the glitter is perfect and it builds up really quick, 2-3 coats is plenty. I am really impressed not only with the formula of this polish but also, how it looks on the nail! One quick word though, a top coat makes it a lot smoother and shinier too :) 

So lets get onto the swatches...

I just LOVE the depth this polish has and how it sparkles, so pretty! It was tricky capturing it because it was so shiny it reflected everything...grrr...but despite the pictures this is a super smooth polish that is really sparkly. Also, I used a peel-off base coat because I can imagine this being a pain to remove but that ofcourse meant that when I went to do the clean up I couldn't get too close to the edge of my nail so these macro shots look honestly cannot tell in real life! Anyway, enough excuses and thanks for reading. Have a great day :)

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