Sunday, 26 January 2014

Celebrating Australia Day with my favourite Aussie products!!!

Happy Australia Day everybody!!! I hope you have a great day whatever you are doing to celebrate this long weekend. I've gathered some of my favourite products from Aussie brands to share with you. So lets get into it!

So there are some amazing Australian nail polishes out there. Ulta3 have an amazing range of polishes for $2 and they always release the latest trends. 'Orchid' is a metallic purple polish (one-coater and amazing) and 'Stop the press' is a black and white matte glitter combo. Ulta3 also does make-up, lipstick etc.

Face of Australia is one of my favourite Aussie beauty brands, if not my fave. Not only do they have a great range of make-up but they release limited edition collections throughout the year that always take my breath away. Their core collection of polish is also amazing. Foxy Roxy from their core collection of polish is one of my all-time fave polishes. 

Sportsgirl, despite primarily being a clothing store, has a good make-up range that is always up to date. Every time I go in their they have new nail polishes that are innovative and unique. On the left we have 'Speckled Mint', in the center 'Love Potion' and on the far right 'Stars'. For a review/swatch of Speckled Mint click here.All very good quality and all a little bit different to what you normally find at the shops. They also have make-up and skincare. One of my best friends gave me the amazing 'Butter Dream' Vanilla body butter. How cute is the jar?!

omShe is a natural botanical range of make-up, skincare and ofcourse nail polish. Their nail polishes are 4-free and 'Black Tulip' the purple one shown in the picture below is the most stunning purple and 'Forest' is a great nude. If you haven't checked out the omShe stand at your local Priceline I suggest you do :) For a review of 'Black Tulip' click here.

BYS is another brand, similar to Ulta3 in that it offers an extensive range of make-up and polish at a cheap price (around $4) without compromising on quality. I love their nail polishes. For swatches of White Noise (black and white matte glitter combo) click here.

Kit Cosmetics is my favourite Australian make-up shop with not only their own self-branded (and amazing) products but international brands too like Origins, Mario Badescu, Too Faced and Korres. Kit's SPF 15+ moisturiser is one of my favourites and their fresh pear, crisp apple and vanilla body lotion is no doubt the best smelling body lotion I have ever smelt. Is it obvious I love Kit? :)

Chi Chi is an Aussie brand I have only recently started exploring but already I reach for their 'Nudes' eye shadow palette nearly every day. The shadows are great quality with good pigmentation and lasting power. Apparently a dupe for a Naked palette (I'm not one to say since I don't have the Naked palette) and only around $22. For swatches click here.

Finally, Kylie Minogue's range of perfumes. We've got 'Darling', 'Sexy Darling' and 'Dazzling Darling'. I think it is safe to say there is something for everybody!

Happy Australia Day!!! Cheers :)


  1. I love this idea - great post! I love Sportsgirl nail polishes too :) I hope you had a great Australia Day xx

    Jasmine Cara

    1. Thanks! I had a great Australia Day, hope you did too :)


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