Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Boy Next Door - Essence

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Essence has made yet another stunning nail polish but I always find it staggering that they can make such high quality polishes for such a bargain price...only $2.75! No kidding, their polishes often surpass other polishes that are ten times more expensive. So anyway I guess I better get onto the actual polish...

'The Boy Next Door' is a stunning electric blue shimmer polish. It's opaque in one coat but I used two thick coats for these photos. Next time I will just use one coat as I found it took awhile to dry with my two super thick coats. This isn't the polishes fault though! The formula, as it always is with essence polishes, was great. No streaks or brushstrokes. I love how the bottles click when you close them and their brushes are definitely some of the best out there. Also, I should probably point out that I used a coat of top coat over the polish, in these photos, for extra shine, however the polish is pretty shiny alone. 

I absolutely love this polish and can definitely see myself reaching for it all the time. 
Cheers :)


  1. Such a gorgeous vibrant colour x


  2. Wow such a lovely colour! Essence really does make great products for the price, unfortunately I'm a horrible nail biter so my nails don't look as nice as yours haha!

    Lacee & Lattes

    1. I use to bite my nails all the time too, as long as I keep polish on them I'm usually okay :)

  3. Lovely nail color! Its def a stunning blue nail color that is worth the try. I will check on this....


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