Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Week in Senses #1

An idea popped into my head that every Sunday I should recap the week by noting my favourites in each sense; sight, scent, sound, touch and taste. I twiddled my thumbs and sat around trying to figure out if a) was it a good idea? and, b) what should I title the posts. Cutting a long story short I decided on "The Week in Senses". Well it was more like I gave up, exasperated. I'm still not sure but I'm going to launch into it and please let me know what you think of this type of post!

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Sight - I started watching Covert Affairs Season 3 earlier this week and boy am I hooked. I really love this show but finding that this season has beaten all of the previous seasons, at least emotionally. The plot is very thick at the moment and you know there are lots of twists coming. You just don't know when or where. Also, can we please just mention the chemistry between Auggie and Annie. There is so much unspoken between them that it is driving me crazy! If you haven't watched this show I highly recommend it. One of my favourites! 

Scent - My favourite scent of the week was Lush's Rose Jam shower gel. It smells amazing and I love how the smell lingers even when you get out of the shower. Very relaxing after my hectic work schedule this week. 
Sound - I've been listening to Imagine Dragon's Night Visions album a lot this week. I think I must have been living in a cave because the album came out in 2012, how did I not know about it???

Touch - I ran out of my Dettol hand sanitiser so borrowed Mum's 'Select Instant Hand Sanitiser' in original. It feels and smells really gentle. 

Taste - My favourite taste of the week was definitely the chocolate mud scone from Bakers Delight :)

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