Monday, 10 March 2014

Face of Australia 'Champagne Kiss' Review & Swatch

Face of Australia's 'Champagne Kiss' is a pale, baby pink that reminds me of candy floss. With a creamy formula, a lovely shine and requiring only two coats this is perfect when you want an under-stated but girly polish to adorn your nails.

The formula is quite thin but as long as you get the balance right, between not having too much polish on your brush vs having too much, application is pretty good. It does require two coats but with a pale colour like this I think that is perfectly acceptable. The brush itself is pretty standard, and, isn't one of the new modern wide and flat brushes. Personally I think application could have been improved with one of those new wide brushes but maybe that is just me? Drying time of this polish was good, despite the fact that my coats were pretty thick! The polish was also shiny, these photos show only the polish with no top coat.

Overall I am really impressed with this pale pink polish from FOA. If you want this polish in your life you can find it for $6.95 at Priceline, K-Mart and Big W. 


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