Sunday, 16 March 2014

Flakie Nude Nails

In one of the many youtube videos I watched this week somebody mentioned (I can't remember who, maybe Fleur de Force?) that they were loving nude nails with glitter. This inspired me to dig out a flakie I hardly ever reach for, Revlon's 'Heavenly'. I love nude nails and thought this could be a cool combination...

As per usual, when I want nude nails I reach for Face of Australia's 'Foxy Roxy'. Since I have raved about this polish numerous times on the blog I'm just going to refer you to the review (click here) if you want more details. The flakie top coat is 'Heavenly' from Revlon. Whilst I love how colourful and vivid 'Heavenly' is, with it's orange, blue and purple iridescent flakes, it is very chunky and I'm not sure how I feel about that. Despite putting my beloved Insta-Dri top coat from Sally Hansen on top of this manicure I still feel like it's too chunky. It doesn't feel ultra-smooth either. I think I need to try this idea of nude nails with a flakie top coat out with another flakie because this manicure isn't really doing much for me. From a distance it looks nice but the closer you get the more chunky and gloopy it looks.

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  1. I think its better without the glitters. Its better if it is just simple because the color is pretty and classy.

    1. I agree!!! It's such a pretty nude polish. Cheers :)


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