Friday, 21 March 2014

Nyx Mega Shine Gloss in Beige - Review

The Mega Shine Lip Gloss from Nyx is the epitome of your typical gloss. If you closed your eyes and imagined what a lipgloss should be you would be imagining this gloss. This Mega Shine Gloss in 'Beige' is one talked about gloss. But don't let the name trick you, this gloss is pink not beige! I feel like every second person has mentioned it on their blog or youtube video. Naturally when I heard everybody talking about it I had to try it for myself!!! Keep reading to find out more (after the jump!)...

Housed in a plastic tube the black plastic handle with doe foot attached may not sound revolutionary but it applies the gloss well. Also, it has a cute bow on top of the lid, so bonus points for the cute bow!

The formula of this gloss is very thick and creamy and, without a doubt, this is the shiniest lip gloss I have ever worn. It is stunning. It's a typical gloss in that it is isn't going to give you a bold opaque lip colour. On my lips it gives my lips a lovely "my lips but better" look. Perfect for days when you want to go for a natural look or if you've gone for a dramatic eye look. Being so thick I find that it can feel sticky as it wears (but doesn't feel sticky on application). If stickiness in a gloss doesn't bother you much then you will be fine, if you cannot stand sticky glosses this might not be your dream gloss but I would still say give it a go because it wears really well. After two and half hours of wear I find that it has lost some of it's colour and shine but your lips still clearly have a shine. Pretty impressive I think!!! The formula isn't drying at all either. 

This lip gloss is one I find myself continually reaching for when I want an easy and pretty lip gloss. Always looks flawless and is unbelievably glossy. Gorgeous!


  1. I haven't tried any NYX lip products before. This looks lovely and the little bow is so cute!

    ♥ Kristen //

    1. Definitely worth a try, their butter glosses are amazing too!


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