Friday, 18 April 2014

Easter Dotticure

Hi guys,
Happy Easter!!!

I'm afraid this is going to be a rather chatty post so if you don't like my chattiness feel free to just look at the pictures! Anyway, onto the chat...

When I got home yesterday it was sunny so the beauty blogger in me thought it was a good opportunity to do my nails and then obviously take photos. Winter is coming and the sun is playing hide and seek behind clouds. Why do you think I decided to do a dotticure?
a) I am an expert in dotticures. 
b) I didn't want to study. 
c) I wanted to spend an inordinate amount of time doing my nails, only to ruin them. 
d) Options b and c. 

Did you guess option d? Give yourself a pat on the back because you are correct. By the time I finished my nails it was too dark for photos so I decided to take the dog for a walk (see, I really didn't want to study!). Let's just say it is a bad idea to take a dog for a walk when your nails are still drying. Then, this morning (the walk was yesterday) I decided to do a bit of a clean which only contributed to making the manicure look even more scruffy. 

You probably didn't want to know any of that so I'll move on. The polishes I used for this skittle dotticure were:

That's What I Mint from Essence (mint green). 
Apricot Nectar from Revlon (peach). 
How Do You Lilac It? from Rimmel (lilac). 
Grey Matter from Rimmel (grey, used for the dots). 
Champagne Kiss from Face of Australia (baby pink). 
Platinum from Face of Australia (matte top coat). 

I think it turned out okay considering I wasn't using my brain when I sat down and did the manicure. I love the matte effect and the combination of pastel colours. Now I need to stop procrastinating and get some study done! 

I hope you enjoy your Easter break and have a very safe Easter. 
Cheers :)


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