Monday, 21 July 2014

Natural Instinct Cream Cleanser Review

I'm reviewing the Natural Instinct Cream Cleanser today. This product was kindly sent to me for review but, as always, this review is 100% honest. If I don't like a product I don't bother  using it. However, I have been really enjoying using the Natural Instinct Cream Cleanser and have been using it for over month now.

 It is a very gentle cleanser that feels really creamy and lathers up nicely. It has a very subtle scent - a little bit 'earthy' - which I can only smell if I have the product on my hand and I directly sniff my hand. As we are in the middle of winter my skin can feel quite dry but this cleanser hasn't dried out my skin at all, my face feels clean but not tight after using it. I haven't experienced any breaking out whilst using this product and my skin has been in great condition. 

There is nothing I can complain about in regards to the packaging. It is very sensible - a squeeze tube with a hinged lid. I absolutely hate products that have lids that unscrew because I always end up dropping them, so I love that this has a lid with a hinge. The simple things in life, hey?

I really value products that are free from nasty chemicals and always read the ingredient lists of products before purchasing. Natural Instinct is amazing chemical-wise as their products are free from sulphates, petrochemicals, parabens, PEGs, artificial fragrances, artificial colours, preservatives, animal derivatives, PABA, DTA, mineral oils AND over 400 ingredients that are potentially harmful to us and our environment.

Natural Instinct's Cream Cleanser is a lovely gentle cleanser that easily cleans your face without drying it out, is free from a very long list of nasty chemicals and is a bargain at  $10.29 for a 125ml tube. But at the moment Priceline has 25% off so this comes down to $7.71. I'm definitely going to be buying myself another tube of this next time I'm at the shops!!!

Thanks for reading and have a great day :)

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