Sunday, 27 July 2014

Natural Instinct Hand & Nail Cream Review

We are well and truly in the midst of winter at the moment so I have been slathering on the moisturiser, lip balm and hand cream. I was sent the Natural Instinct Hand & Nail Cream* a couple of months ago and since then it has became part of my evening routine. The Natural Hand & Nail Cream* comes in a 125ml squeeze tube with a hinged lid and has an earthy aromatherapy scent, which I find very relaxing in the evening. Like all Natural Instinct products it's a vegan product, not tested on animals, pH balanced, made in Australia and free from 400 potentially nasty chemicals (parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals...etc).

The consistency of the cream is quite thick and absorbs into the skin quickly leaving your hands feeling super soft and smooth. When applied to the super dry, chapped, skin between my fingers and especially around my thumb, it gets rids of the awful sore red skin and injects much needed moisture into the skin. I sometimes find that I am left with a slightly oily residue on my hands after applying this which is why I prefer to use it before going to bed. If you don't put too much on you shouldn't be left with that oily feeling though. I always seem to put way too much hand cream on. Unlike some other hand creams I feel like this one does actually moisturise my hands for a long period of time and has good lasting power. It has also improved the condition of my cuticles and the skin around my nails, something I don't notice with most other hand creams. When I wake up in the morning my hands still feel moisturised but not oily. Nothing beats a lovely luxurious and thick hand cream before going to bed, especially when it smells this good!

*I received this product for review purposes. This review is 100% honest and completely my own opinion.

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