Saturday, 9 August 2014

The Moisturiser Edit

Brilliant skincare is hard to find. I have no trouble finding ordinary skincare - products that work and do the job relatively well - but it takes a lot for me to fall in love with a skin care product. Whats more, my skin is always changing so a product that works for me in April might not do much good in January. Plus what works for me might not work for you. Oh boy!!! Skincare is a minefield of dilemmas but some some products are worth their weight in gold. Today I want to share with you the moisturisers I have been loving and have made a little moisturiser guide for you :)

My holy grail moisturiser is the Mario Badescu 'Buttermilk Moisturiser'. I started using this seven years ago when I was in high school and had terrible pimples and oily skin. I have lost count of how many bottles I have gone through of this moisturiser. This moisturiser is very lightweight and a little goes far. It sinks in instantly (seriously), leaves your skin feeling supple, moisturised and soft. My skin is often quite red and whenever my skin feels irritated or I have some pesky pimples or that dreadful dry patchy skin you get after a pimple, I apply this and my skin is immediately soothed. As this moisturiser absorbs instantly, doesn't leave any residue on your skin and is lightweight, in my opinion it is my perfect moisturiser all year throughout. It doesn't interfere with any make-up you wear apply on top of it and if you are looking for a moisturiser for all situations this is the one I recommend. You get 59ml and you can buy this for $28.95 from Kit Cosmetics and Mecca. 

Now, it is probably really obvious that I adore the Buttermilk Moisturiser but unfortunately there is a but. Seven years ago things like parabens didn't concern me but they do now and I have been swapping out all of my skincare for products that are free from nasty chemicals. I have found some great lip balms, cleansers and body lotions without nasty chemicals but it has taken me a long time to find a moisturiser that I love.

The Boots Laboratories Optiva Comforting Day Cream* with SPF15 is a very thick and luxurious moisturiser. It is paraben free. Unlike the Mario Badescu one this one is thicker and less lightweight and spreadable. If you have super dry skin or irritated skin this is definitely the moisturiser you should reach for. However, unlike the Mario Badescu moisturiser, I do not recommend wearing make-up over the top of this one as I find that it leaves a residue on my skin that means that my make-up doesn't last as long and by the end of the day I feel oily in my T-zone. I love this moisturiser for days when I either don't need make-up or don't need my make-up to last for a long time. This also a great moisturiser for the evening. I highly recommend this moisturiser for anybody who needs an intensive moisturiser. You get 40ml in the tube and can buy this for $22 from your Amcal or Guardian pharmacy.

The Natural Instinct Daily Moisturiser* is a great moisturiser for those people who want a moisturiser that does everything. It's like the paraben free version of the Buttermilk Moisturiser. This one doesn't sink in quite as quickly as the Buttermilk Moisturiser but unlike the Optiva Comforting Day Cream it doesn't interfere with your make-up. It doesn't leave a residue on your skin and leaves your skin feeling really hydrated. Plus it is vegan free, pH balanced and free from a very long list of chemicals, including being free from parabens, sulphates and petrochemicals. I have really been enjoying wearing this moisturiser under my make-up.You get a 125ml in the tube and can buy this for $10.29 from Priceline.

So there you have it! From my collection of moisturisers, these are the ones I love and would recommend. What is your favourite moisturiser? 

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