Monday, 8 September 2014

Haul + First Impressions

Hi guys! I have been really busy lately at uni and with a pile of things to do, what do I do? Procrastinate at the shops of course!!! This is my little haul and my first impressions of the products I have used so far.

The reason I went to the shops was that Nyx was 30% off and I'm never one to say no to a bargain. I brought the Love in Paris 'Merci Beaucoup' eyeshadow palette. This palette comes with nine eyeshadows. The three shadows I have used so far are: the bottom left and the two shadows to the right in the top row. These are decent quality for the price. Th bottom left shadow makes a beautiful inner highlight. It's shimmery but not too crazy. They are not super pigmented and don't last for a super long time BUT I haven't tried them with a primer yet. 

I also got the 'Terra Cotta' powder blush which is a natural tan with shimmer. I plan on using this for a natural blush / bronzer / highlighter look. I have another, more pink, powder blush from Nyx and love  it. 

I also discovered a new section in the beauty department at Target...a shelve full of mini-sized Nivea products, 2 for $5 or 1 for $3. I love the idea of mini-sized products because they are cheaper, I get to try lots of new products and as a beauty blogger it means I can get through them quicker and review them for you without having a million products open at the same time. 

I picked up the Nivea 'In Shower Rich Body Lotion' because I've heard good and bad things about it and the 'Rich Nourishing Body Lotion' because Nivea is well known for body lotions. I've used the body lotion already as both a body lotion and a hand cream. It is great as a hand cream because it literally sinks in immediately. As a body lotion is does a good job at moisturising my skin and sinks in quickly. I have only used the 'In Shower Rich Body Lotion' one time and don't feel like I have decided if I like it yet. I'll get back to you!

Thanks for reading,
cheers :)


  1. Would be interrested to see how the NYX palette is a primer! They have nice the colours, but heard that they fallout :(

  2. Nivea products are great! I would also want to try the NYX.


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