Saturday, 27 December 2014

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Colour and top coat review - Dig Fig

Earlier this year Sally Hansen released their "gel nail polish that doesn't require a light" collection of polishes. A lot of different brands have jumped onto this bandwagon this year. However what attracted me to Sally Hansen is that they sell these sets that contain both a coloured polish and the special top coat. Normally each of these costs $16.95 but the set costs $19.95, which makes it a very good deal!  I chose the colour 'Dig Fig' which is a oxblood burgundy colour, perfect for the festive season! 

Before we get into the actual review lets quickly talk about what Sally Hansen claims about this nail polish.

The brush is the same brush from Sally Hansen's 'Salon Manicure' collection of polishes which is a good thing because it's a great brush. It is a wide, flat brush that is slightly tapered at the ends. I find it very easy to paint my nails with the brush without having excess polish ending up on my skin. 

The formula initially appears to be the same as usual. It applies easily (again, just like the 'Salon Manicure' collection) and is not streaky. With a thin coat it also seems to dry quickly BUT it isn't actually dry...after two coats that were relatively thick everything was quite wet and very easy to smudge. Luckily for me, if you smudge a nail you can paint over it with another coat and it seems to work out okay. 

Once you have your two coats of colour, step two is to grab the special, clear, top coat and apply that over the still kind of wet coloured polish. The top coat worked well and didn't streak. However the brush did get a bit stained from the red polish so I am not sure what is going to happen if I go out and buy some more colours? Whilst the top coat did provide some additional shine it isn't super duper shiny. 

Drying time was good, very comparable to normal nail polish. Durability also seems to be better than other polishes. My nails feel stronger than usual when wearing this polish. Now, what I'm sure you really want to know is how well it wears? They claim 14 days...on day 2 it was still perfect and the shiny top coat had not diminished. I didn't notice any tip wear or chips until the 4th day of wear and on that 4th day the tip wear was extremely minimal and you could only notice it if you held your nails up in front of your eyes and examined your nails closely. It was only on day 6-7 that the tip wear became more obvious. It still wasn't extreme though and there were no chips. I decided to take it off on day 7 because I wanted to change the colour.

To begin with I was skeptical but this nail polish definitely wears a lot longer than your typical nail polish. I usually have to change my nail polish after 2 or 3 days but I made a week with this easily. I am pretty rough on my hands so I suspect some people could get a couple of more days out of it... I'm not sure about the 14 days though? Overall I am super impressed by this miracle gel polish from Sally Hansen and will definitely be buying more polishes from the collection. Love it! 


  1. I think I'm going to get a bottle of this soon. I heard pretty good things of their shade Birthday Suit! This red is nice too!

  2. If we get these polishes to stores here in Finland I will try them out :) I really like Sally Hansen polishes :)

  3. I hope you can get your hands on 'Birthday Suit'! These polishes are awesome :)

  4. Sally Hansen is definitely one of my favourite nail polish brands! Thanks for commenting :)


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