Saturday, 3 January 2015

2014 - Favourite nail polishes

My favourite nail polishes of 2014!!! Writing my thesis meant I didn't have time do experiment with much nail art or tedious nail polishes this year. I wanted nail polish that was easy to apply, with a great formula, quick drying, durable and long wearing. So these nail polishes might seem a bit run of a mill but I promise you, these polishes are amazing! 

Lets begin with Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri Top Coat. It gives your nails a lovely extra shine, makes your polish last longer and helps to dry your nail polish faster. I love this top coat and will definitely repurchase it. I am one of those people are very prone to ruining their freshly painted nails within minutes so this a very loved top coat.

When Revlon released their Parfumerie collection of polishes I wasn't expecting much. Could nail polish actually smell good? Yes it can!!! I was really impressed with how nice the polishes from the collection smelt, plus how the scent lingered for a couple of days. All the scents do differ though in their strength and longevity so keep that in favourite polish, scent wise is 'Apricot Nectar' which has quite a strong sweet fruity scent. Plus the polish itself is a gorgeous peachy orange colour that is super bright, nearly neon.  It has a cream finish that is vey easy to work with. 'Bordeaux' is a stunning burgundy colour with a crelly finish (cream jelly). I don't notice the scent as much on this one but still adore it for the colour alone.

You can check out my full review of 'Bordeaux' by clicking here and my full review of 'Apricot Nectar' by clicking here.

Essie's 'trophy wife' is a polish I reach for when I want something a little bit special adorning my nails. Teal is my favourite colour and not only is this polish teal but it has a metallic like formula that is very bright and makes the polish look like it is glowing. A very stunning polish that you really need to see in real life to appreciate. Photos just don't capture it's whole beauty. I went to find the link for the full review of this polish and apparently I have never reviewed it here on the blog! I am absolutely gobsmacked that I haven't reviewed it and will make sure I post a review of it in the coming week.

Inglot's 720 is a gorgeous polish that I frequently wear when I want to wear a pretty but bold colour on my nails. This is another polish that I desperately need to post a review on.

'Monroe' from Face of Australia's Screen Siren limited edition collection has been my go-to nude polish for the year.  It is a very flattering warm nude colour. With 2 coats, a decent drying time and lasting power it is a no nonsense polish that has saved me numerous times when I quickly wanted to paint my nails but needed something appropriate for meetings at university and etc.

Cheers :)


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  2. I do love Insta-dri, I was using it for a couple of years but I decided to try the Essie fast dry top coat which is also good. I love the formula of the perfumerie polishes. I was quite shocked on how nice they were.

  3. I haven't tried the Essie fast drying top coat but I want to try it now you've said it's good :) I love trying out new quick drying top coats because I am super clumsy!!!

  4. Lovely polishes :)
    I have tried Inta-dri but for some reason I did not like it at all... Im so in love with Seche Vite :)
    Oh how I wish that Revlon would come back to Finland.. I miss their products!!

  5. I've heard so many good things about seche vite! I'm not sure where to buy it though. I hope Revlon starts coming back to your shops :)


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