Friday, 9 January 2015

Essence Beach Cruisers 'Summer Break' Blush Review

A new limited edition range from Essence has hit the shelves at Priceline - Beach Cruisers. Today I will be reviewing the "I <3 Summer Break" blush from the collection. It is stunning!!!

The blush is housed in a clear, sturdy, plastic pan. Whilst the blush comes with no brush or mirror I think the packaging is pretty much perfect. I rarely use the brushes that come with blushes and I like how the packaging is clear - makes it easier to find!

I <3 Summer Break is a beautiful ombre brush, with the ombre ranging from a warm-toned hot pink to a light apricot colour. You can swirl the colour together and get a bold pink blush or be more selective with where you place your brush.

This blush is insanely pigmented. It is by far the most pigmented blush I have in my collection. And to think it only costs $5.35!!! Bargain!!! You definitely need to be light handed when you apply this blush. While we are talking about application...this blush is quite easy to apply. The blush also lasts a really long time. I put this on in the late afternoon and when I woke up the next morning I could still see the blush on my skin.

Top swatch:the pale apricot end of the blush 
Bottom left swatch: All colours blended
Bottom right swatch: the darkest hot-pink end of the blush 

Also in the collection are:

  • Body Spray
  • Nail Polish $3.65
  • Mascara $4.25
  • Lip gloss $3.50
  • Bronzing Powder $5.35
  • Liquid eyeliner $4.25
  • Eyeshadow $4.25
  • Wet bikini bag 
Overall I think that this blush is great quality, has great pigmentation and lasting power. However if you are only starting to use blush or have very fair skin this blush might not be perfect for you. Definitely an impressive product and I would absolutely recommend going to check out the collection at Priceline - it all looks amazing!


  1. Oh my! The pigmentation is amazing from what I can see on the back of your hand. Great summer colour too!

  2. The pigmentation is crazy! Have a great day :)


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