Sunday, 22 March 2015

Priceline 40% off Cosmetics Sale : Recommendations

If you don't know already, Priceline is having their 40% off cosmetics sale on the 24th of March and the 25th of March. So I thought it might be a good idea if I tell you about the products I love, which you can buy from Priceline. Also, being a make-up addict I would love to hear your Priceline recommendations!

L'oreal Colour Riche Nutrishine (Was $19.95, will be $11.97)

Okay so I have to say that the L'oreal Colour Riche Nutrishine in the shade 'Sandalwood Beige' was my most worn lip product in 2014. It is my all-time favourite nude/my lips but better lipstick. This is a very shiny lipstick with good pigmentation. It doesn't dry your lips out at all and is perfectly fine to wear when you have dry/chapped lips, as I often do. 

Maybelline Colour Tattoo (Normally $11.95, will be $7.17) 

These cream shadows are pretty famous in the blogosphere . If you haven't tried them yet, now is a perfect time. I typically use them alone - wipe my finger across my lid and I end up with a lovely yet quick eye look. My two favourite shades are 'Barely Branded' and 'Inked in Pink'.

L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadow (Normally $19.95, will be $11.97)

As L'oreal Paris is typically quite expensive I only have one Infallible Eyeshadow but I am still positive in my recommendation. I have the shade 'Forever Pink' and adore it. These eyeshadows are kind of loose but without the mess as they are pressed. Does that make sense? Probably not!!! 

Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder (Was $12.95, will be $7.77) 

This is a really good pressed powder that definitely mattifies your face and provides a little bit of coverage as well. A very decent product which is definitely worth picking up. I have repurchased this product numerous times and will continue to do so. 

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Colour and Top Coat Pack (Was $19.95, will be $11.97)

I haven't seen these packs around for a little while but they are still on the Priceline website so it is worth having a look. I really love Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel Colour nail polishes. You apply the coloured polish first (two coats) and then use the special top coat to set it. It definitely lasts longer than a normal nail polish. I think the darker, more bold colours perform best so keep that in mind when picking out your colours. As a single bottle retails for $16.95, if you can pick up the two pack for $11.97, you are getting an absolute bargain!!!

Real Techniques On Location: Travel Essentials Brush Kit (Was $39.99, will be $23.99)

I love Real Techniques brushes and this set includes my all time favourite make-up brush, the multi task brush. 

L'oreal Brow Artist Plumper (Was $18.95, will be $11.37)

This is a product that only recently launched in Australia but nonetheless I think it is worth trying. I haven't had time to use it a lot so whether it is a fantastic product or not is yet to be decided. However  for $11.37 I think it is worth trying. I have been using the the darker shade and so far I really like it!!! However the shade for blondes looks quite gold so I would recommend looking at the testers. The wand is a lot smaller than Maybelline's Brow Drama (which I think is a good thing) and similar to Benefit's Gimme Brow wand.

Essence Lash and Brow Gel Mascara (Was $4.10, will be $2.46)

Another brow product!!! This is a clear gel that I apply onto my eyebrows. I've never used it on my eyelashes. For $2.46 it is definitely worth trying, 

Maybelline Colour Elixir Colour Sensational Creamy Lip Lacquer (Was $17.95, will be $10.77)

My favourite lipgloss product of 2014 was these Colour Elixirs from Maybelline. These are amazing lip glosses, incredibly shiny, non-drying, pigmented and long lasting. 'Nude Illusion' is a great nude gloss. My favourite shade is a MLBB shade called 'Caramel Infused'. Gorgeous and definitely worth trying!!!

Essence - Maximum Definition Volume Mascara (Normally $5.75, will be $3.45)

Are you looking for a new "everyday" mascara? I really like this mascara from Essence, it has never disappointed me and even though it isn't waterproof it doesn't smudge or flake...even if you cry!!! 


  1. Love those Maybelline products, the Color Tattoos and the Color Elixir! I was disapointed by the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel though...

  2. What a shame the Miracle Gel doesn't work for you :( Thanks for commenting :)

  3. I love Maybelline Colour Tattoos <3 I would buy each and everyone if I could =P I wish our stores would have such sales =/

    xoxo, Nyx
    Nyx's beauty blog

  4. I would LOVE to own every single colour tattoo, so many pretty colours!!! I love it when priceline has 40% off...doesn't happen often though :(


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