Saturday, 5 December 2015

The Balm AND Sleek Make-up now stocked at Target Australia - overview and pictures

Hey guys! Just a quick post today because there is some very exciting news floating around at the moment and I wanted to give you some more information on it...Two new beauty brands are being stocked at Target Australia now: The Balm and Sleek.

Sleek are well known for their eyeshadow palettes, contour duos and blushes.

Eyeshadow palettes $19.95
True Colour Lipsticks $16.95
Eye & Cheek Palette $24.95

 The above prices were discovered by squinting at the photos I took, sorry I couldn't make out all of the prices!

Here are some photographs of the new displays at my local Target and an overview of the products stocked. I hope you enjoy this snapshot!!! I am super excited, are you?

And now for The Balm, unlike Sleek who has never been available in-store in Australia before, The Balm has been available at David Jones. However that doesn't lessen my excitement at being able to find them at Target, nonetheless a Target I could practically walk to! The Balm's highlighters (Mary-Lou Manizer, Betty Lou Manizer and Cindy Lou Manizer) are well loved by many and who can resist the cheeky packaging of their Nude 'tude eyeshadow palettes? I use their Argyle Instain blush and adore it - these 'Instain' blushes are insanely pigmented and long lasting. Definitely worth trying, just don't forget to apply them sparingly so you don't look like a 2 year old has done your make-up. 

How gorgeous is that Manizer palette?! and I adore the 'In theBalm of your Hand' palette, such a nice way to taste a little bit of everything from The Balm! 

What products are you most excited about? I would love to know :) And if there are "must have" products feel free to comment below! 



  1. look how WELL STOCKED it is! I only recently discovered brands like Sleek and theBalm and was super excited to discover my local Target has these brands... except the theBalm stand is always half empty! They are always out of Bahama Mama and half the blushes, and I have never seen the In the Balm of Your Hand or the Manizer palettes either.

  2. I just discovered The Balm at Target today which I was super excited about! However I bought their new matte liquid lipstick for $19.95 and realised that Sephora is selling the same products for double the price! Not, that I am complaining, but how do we explain this price difference?


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