Sunday, 10 July 2016

New Products on the Shelf in Australia

New products have hit the shelves in a big way. So lets skip the unnecessary ramble which I usually begin posts with and dig into all the new goodies! There are a lot of new products from Maybelline, Australis and two new limited edition collections from Essence.

When this foundation originally launched in America everybody on Youtube seemed to rave about it. I am definitely interested in giving this one a shot! 

Australis have new cream blushes and lip glosses. I actually picked up one of the lip glosses and they are very thick. If you're not a fan of glosses this one might not be for you. The pigmentation was nice though! The blushes look gorgeous don't they? 

The first limited edition collection from Essence that is currently on the Priceline shelves is 'Winter Wonderful'. Ignore the random matt touch blush...I don't think that is part of the new collection. BUT there is a gorgeous blush that is included in the collection, keep scrolling to see a pic. This range is beautiful! It includes 5 nail polishes, a blush, two lip oils, eyeshadow palette, hand cream, cajole eye liner and hair accessories. 

I picked this blush up and since I have not owned it for 24 hours yet, I can't give a full review. But, having said that, I can say that it has really good pigmentation. I went a bit too heavy handed with it this morning! It gives the cheeks a lovely rosy flush. 

 The second limited edition from Essence is 'light of orient'. This collection included lots of deep and moody colours and is available at Target. The eyeshadow palette looks gorgeous and obviously lots of other people thought so too since it was sold out!

Essence also have some new products in their permanent collection:

What are you excited to see? Let me know in the comments what you want to pick up and what doesn't float your boat.


  1. Ahhhh I'm so excited for them all!!! Maybe not so much the nail polishes as my nails are pathetic, but everything else, I'm super excited for!! Great post :) xx

    1. Thanks Sofia, I'm super excited too! The essence eyeshadows looks so pretty :) Thanks for commenting!


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