Sunday, 22 January 2017

Do these really work? Grammar Tangle Ties

I'm going to be completely honest and say that when I got sent these Glammar Tangle Ties to review I was skeptical. I've never seen hair ties like this before and they reminded me of those key rings that were popular when I was in primary school... So do these really work or do they get stuck in your hair and hurt like crazy?

The Glammar Tangle Tie is a traceless hair ring which is meant to be suitable for all hair types. The idea behind them is that they are meant to exert an uneven amount of pressure on your hair meaning there is no tell-tale sign when you pull your hair out that your hair has been tied up.


  • They feel really comfortable in your hair regardless of if you tie your hair up in a bun or a ponytail. 
  • Using your standard hair tie I sometimes tie my hair up to tightly after a little while I can't bear it anymore and have to re-do my bun/ponytail. This is such a pain especially if I haven't thrown my hairbrush into my bag for work. With the Tangle Tie I never get that headache, it's impossible to tie the too tightly. But they still hold onto your hair tight enough that you don't feel like its loose. 
  • You're never going to struggle when it's time to pull your hair tie out. These literally slide right out of your ponytail!

  • After using them for a little while they loose their shape. 
  • They are bulkier than your standard hair tie so they won't necessarily fit into your phone case / wallet / pocket. 

You can buy these from AMR. For a three pack it's $2. As I mentioned earlier I received these for free but I honestly would not feature them on the blog if I didn't like them. Overall I really like these hair ties and will continue to use them.

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