Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Chocolate vs Porridge

Sitting here, on this cold winter's afternoon and trying to complete an important assessment due tomorrow, I was overcome by the need to EAT! Chocolate, preferably. I brought some chocolate on the weekend and it has been sitting in the drawer for a few days now but I have used all of my self-control to stay away from the very idea of eating it. I know, even if I said "ok just one piece", I would end up eating WAY more than one piece! Anyway sitting here a couple of minutes ago I wanted chocolate......but I resisted. Yay for me! 

A magazine I brought a few days ago came with a porridge sample. Apple and blueberry flavoured sachet. So I whacked it into the microwave for 90 seconds and it actually worked!!!! 
It smelt divine and it tasted pretty good too. And I didn't have any of those "this is soooo not healthy for me" moments because it's porridge - healthy right? Since it was only a sample sized sachet it didn't fill that void in my stomach and now typing this, I WANT CHOCOLATE. But, I'm not going to eat chocolate, well not today anyway. 

My next point is now, porridge is healthy, right?  I think I will have to research this and get back to you! 

Sorry for all of you out there now craving chocolate!

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