Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Review: Rimmel Royal Gloss - cookie

Rimmel Royal Gloss - cookie
I generally don't wear lip gloss that doesn't come in the form of a stick. I don't like lipgloss in a pot because the idea of repeatedly sticking my dirty fingers in it for a few years creeps me out and glide on applicators always seem to make me end up looking like a two year old girl who has gotten into her mum's stash of lippy. However, I bought this Rimmel Royal Gloss in cookie and absolutely love it. 

1. It's easy to apply.
2. The smell is amazing!!!
3. It's not sticky - just as the tube claims!
4. It actually does something - it moisturises lips, no doubt. 
5. Its cheap and comes in a whole range of different colours/scents. 

The 'cookie' colour is a shimmery nude that can be worn alone or over the top of a lipstick. I wear it everyday but if you want to to make a statement you might find it a little sheer. But that said I would still recommend it to you for over the top of over lipsticks. 

Now a word for the wise, this review  is only for the 'cookie' gloss, other colours may be thicker/thinner better/worst. Reading reviews online, it seems that the pink tones might be thicker? Not sure about this but there, I have warned you!

Overall, a great gloss that feels great on and smells divine! 
Score: 9/10

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