Saturday, 16 June 2012

Review: Revlon - Fierce

Today I am going to review Fierce by Revlon. 
Fierce is a dark purple foil polish with silver shimmer throughout and undertones of fuschia and occasionally, depending on the light, it nearly looks aubergine and burgundy. Ok so I know I haven't done a great job of describing it, but it is truly a lovely sophisticated deep purple and silver shimmer and   some awesome undertones/highlights, whatever you like to call them. 

Application wise, it is sometimes a little tricky to apply neatly however I am wondering if that is because my nails are in pretty bad shape!!! However I do love the formula and even if you apply a thick coat you could probably get away with just the one coat, however I have used two. Also, a top coat makes it look a little more glossy which is awesome, however, once again I did not do this for the photos below. 

Overall this is a really great polish. Colour is outstanding - very sophisticated. Formula is also good. I would definitely recommend you to buy it.

Now onto the photos, because it is a shimmer/foil finish and has a couple of different tones depending on the colour it was a little difficult to get an accurate picture. Please ignore the terrible state my fingers and nails are in!

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