Monday, 9 July 2012

Healthy eating

Ok so this blog is predominantly a beauty blog but I do want to include some health related posts too because beauty is so much more than foundation, blush, mascara, lippy and an awesome hair 'do! So anyway tomorrow is THE day. I am going to go on a health kick because god knows lately I have not been looking after myself very well and have let myself eat whatever I want, whenever I want (was on holidays). So no white bread, no white pasta, no white rice, no junk food, no chocolate and at least one piece of fruit a day. The original start day was suppose to be today and it was going really well. Small serving of porridge for breakfast, a wholegrain salad and tuna wrap for lunch and some wholegrain crackers with some dip as a snack. See - it was going all good until I ate 1/3 of a bag potato chips!!! So angry at myself because I had a massive dinner too :(
Wish me luck!

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