Friday, 20 July 2012

The winter challenge day 10 - Galaxy Nails

I don’t know whether I love Fridays or Thursdays more. Fridays are awesome because you know that you the following 2 days are the weekend, which usually equates to some relaxation and a chance to catch-up with friends as well as a desperate catch-up study session. Although sometimes the properties of weekends ruin the weekend for us, with a busy weekend spent catching up and going places and getting home exhausted. On the other hand, Thursdays are pretty good too because you have the excitement of Friday and you can allow yourself to start daydreaming about the weekend.

Anyway, the theme for today is galaxy nails. This was my first time EVER doing galaxy nails and my electricity was out so no internet and no access to any tutorials. Hence I kind of just made it up as I went. Not sure if that is good or bad. Maybe you can be the judge J
I decided to do two different galaxies because I had a couple of ideas and then pick one and do all of my nails using that idea later.
My first idea was to use the following polishes: Revlon’s Midnight Affair, Essence’s In Style (metallic teal), Essence’s blue addicted and then Ulta3’s confetti. Some photos of this idea also include Face of Australia’s aussie nature I read somewhere that galaxy nails are all about adding dimension to your manicure so that is why I chose two different sizes of glitter.

My second idea was a little more crazy but I think I actually like it more. The polishes I used for my second idea were: Revlon’s Midnight Affair, Essence’s In Style, Avon’s Flutterby, and Ulta3’s confetti.

After taking a few photos of both I was on the fence on a couple of issues:
1) Were nails really galaxy nails?
2)  Did I like idea 1 or idea 2 more?
3) Should I experiment some more?

I decided to experiment some more so I did the following layers: midnight affair, blue addicted, face of australia's aussie nature, blue addicted. This made a really cool effort.

I really like how my these ideas turned out, especially idea 2 with the matte top coat on top and I will definitely be doing a full manicure soon and uploading it. I had a lot of fun trying out galaxy nails :)

Here are photos of idea 2 with a matte topcoat, I think this is my favourite!!!

Comments on my galaxy nails?  Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Hey darlin! Your nails are so cute! I like them. I have to catch up on the challenge... I'm a bit behind. :/

    May I recommend something? Please don't take offense... I'd recommend getting a small brush used solely for cuticle and finger clean up. Does Australia carry e.l.f.? I use their small concealer brush and dip it in acetone, then dab off excess to clean up. It makes clean lines and clean up a cinch!

    Here's what it looks like-

    It's literally smaller than my pinkie nail! It's super helpful for getting into tight spaces.

  2. it doesn't matter that you are behind :) I think I am too! Thank you very very very much for the advice, no offence taken! I love receiving comments and advice :) I know my clean-up is pretty awful and will definitely use your suggestion. I hunted through my un-used make-up brushes and found two tiny brushes that look like they should work. Again, thanks.


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