Thursday, 26 July 2012

The winter challenge day 13 - winter blues

The winter blues. Gloomy, depressed, cold and sometimes emotional days. All you want is for it to be summer again. But there is a cure :) Chocolate and nail polish!!! 

Today I bring to you Revlon's 'Midnight Affair' a deep navy with an elegant, subtle shimmer to it. It is a very rich colour which is why I chose it for today's challenge because to me it looks really sophisticated and is a really easy to wear. It's also a great base for nail art or for a glitter/flakie top coat! It changes in different lights and you can make it more or less blue depending on how thick your coats are. For this particular manicure my coats are quite thick so it is slightly darker than I wanted it to be but I am still happy with it. 

Formula wise it is brilliant and really easy to apply. You only need 2 thin coats or perhaps one thick coat :) In my photos I do have a top coat on and I would recommend a top coat because with darker colours tip wear and chips are easily noticeable. 

Score: 8/10


  1. Your clean up has gotten 10x better! <3

    That blue is so pretty!

    Btw- you have captcha turned on... it usually discourages people from commenting. ><

  2. Awww thanks!
    I turned captcha off, so hopefully now you are not required to do the word verification thing before commenting (I have my fingers crossed) if it didn't work I will play around more with my settings :)
    Yeah I love this blue, it looks more blue in real life...


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